Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Martha Experience

I am back. Sadly. I had an amazing time in NYC and feel like there is a lot to share. My beginning of my first official day was spent first with Martha Stewart. Well not "with her" but sitting in the audience at her show. It was a fun experience to see how that world works. We got some great gifts including a Rowenta DZ5080 Focus Stainless-Steel 1700-Watt Iron, a gift certificate to Jo Ann Fabrics, gardening gloves and sheers. We laughed, my friend cried and we got to see two guests, Joan River, who was HILARIOUS and Emma Thompson! If you ever get the chance to go, I would suggest it. To see all my pics go here and scroll to the bottom


Fantastic Toys said...

I just about jumped out of my seat! I thought you were a guest promoting your books. Good to hear you had a nice time. I visited NYC last year and think about it every day. I hope to go back for the toy expo in Feb.

Sonya said...

That's Emma Thompson? How FABULOUS!

Jennifer said...

Ahhhh!!! So glad I got to meet you...if only for like 30 seconds! I had friends from out of town that came to see the show, so we had to scoot out early and I was only in nyc for all of 24 hours! So nice to hear you had a good long trip! The show looked amazing! thanks again for including me!!