Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yummy Pancake Interview

Next Wednesday is the release of the newest Schmancy Plush Exclusive  brought to you by Yummy Pancake.  I did a little interview with her and here it is.

S- Have any new year's resolutions you would like to share?

YP- Yeah, pretty much your typical resolutions - I'd like to try and eat a little healthier, and be a bit more organized, especially in my little basement studio.  My studio currently looks like a craft supply monster threw up in it.

S- What was your inspiration for this plush exclusive?

YP- I love zombies, zombie movies, zombie videogames, anything zombie.  I even joke that zombies live in the dark corners of the attic and basement of my house(it's really no joke!).  I figured that if I made an awesome Zombee Toastee plush, it would appease the zombies that live in my basement and they just might be inclined to help me organize my studio down there.  I also wanted to give each Zombee Toastee their own identity, so they are each named after friends of mine and come with little adoption certificates ^_^

S- Any other new characters we might expect to see this year?

YP- I have a lot of strange new ideas and characters that will be making an appearance this year, including some relatives of Mr. Toastee.  I never knew he had such a big family!

S- From the beginning of your business, what is a favorite Yummy Pancake story you might like to share?

YP- At the very begining, when I started designing plush, I needed a name for my business that reflected both myself and my plush.  Only one name popped in my head - Yummy Pancake.  The name actually comes from a great memory from my childhood.  My best friend Andrea and I used to make silly videos with my dad's video camera, and this one little video we made for yummy pancakes just sticks in my head because it was so hilarious and simple! I had a small vinyl Strawberry Shortcake character holding a stack of crepes (it was Crepe Suzette) that looked like pancakes. We filmed her and just said "Yummy Pancakes are so good, your friend's will want to drop by" and then poured a whole bucket of my vinyl figures on top of her. It's alot funnier when you see the video.  If I am ever able to find it, I'll stick it on YouTube ^_^

S- Do you plan to participate in any large craft shows this year?

YP- Yes!  So far, I will be participating in OddMall in Cleveland, Ohio on May 8th.  I'm really excited and nervous because it is my first really big show.  I hope to do a couple more this year, but OddMall is the only one I have locked down so far.  I hope that a lot of folks stop by and say hi!!


Felicia said...

I'd love to see that video. Yummy Pancakes rock! :)

Samaria Project said...

Go Yummy!

Robin Hartman said...

Love the zombie toastees! I'd love to see that video on youtube too.

PterodactylPants said...

Mr. Toastee is the cooooooolest!

Little Critters said...