Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fiber Arctic- Emily Katz

Next up is the Portland based artist, Emily Katz

S- We absolutely love your clothes! But we equally love your embroidered work and paintings! Do you ever want to merge the two?

EK- Yes I did do this! the line is called Bonnie Heart Clyde and I embroider my drawings onto sweatshirts and vintage dresses. I still do this, you can find items on Etsy and I take custom orders, for weddings and things...

S- Your simplistic use of line must have started somewhere. Where!? When did you love the look of thread!?

EK- I studied printmaking at MICA in baltimore, and I loved making etchings. the raised line was so elegant and it translated perfectly with the embroidery. I was in Germany after I dropped out of school, and when I came back, I was staying in Pennsylvania at my boyfriend's parents house. he was working at a coffee shop, and I was spending my days thriftstore shopping. I bought him a few shirts and decided to embroider them as gifts for him. I made simple line drawings and then gave them to him, he was surprised and went into his closet and pulled out a tshirt he had embroidered in the same way!

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H said...

ow,wow!her embroidery thingies are amazing