Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fiber Arctic- Rakka Deer

Next up is our old Schmancy gallery intern whom we adore, Kris whom also happens to be an amazing artist.

S- Your love of deers takes our breath away! But we love your choice of text with your embroidered deers. Are these conversations you have with your animals?!

RD- The words and phrases in the embroideries tend to come from pop culture. Either movie and tv quotes or from songs that I get stuck in my head. I keep hoping that I'll exorcise the songs by the physical act of putting lyrics on fabric but, sadly, it hasn't worked. "Hey Ya" is still stuck in the front part of my brain.

S- What is it about the deer that makes you adore it so?

RD- I'm mainly drawn to them because of the highly ornamental nature of the antlers. Additionally, there's a substantial amount of deer lore and history in art that's fun to play around with. Also, I was raised by deer. No, not really.

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