Friday, December 05, 2008

Wonder Thunder Interview and Giveaway!

I have only recently had the pleasure of discovering the magic of Wonder Thunder but I am sure glad I did. They are a little bit like magic you know? Leave a comment here with contact info for your chance to win a 2.5" mini plush toast made by the WT team!

PY- How did Wonder Thunder come about?

WT- Wonder Thunder was assembled out of loose scraps, dirty screens, loose morals, and long winter days. We felt the need to fill our already busy days and nights with as much stuff as possible. The rest is history.

PY- Are you from a State that actually has thunder?

WT- Our lives in Tennessee were riddled with thunder storms, something we miss dearly here in the pacific northwest. Tennessee is known for it's sporadic tornado outbreaks, crashing trees, and volatile weather.

PY- You guys have a diverse collection. Who does what in your duo?

WT- We both come up with ideas and the illustrations, we typically draw things by hand then manipulate the drawings on the computer. Sasha screen-prints, Meagan sews. We both do the cutting, ironing, stuffing, embroidering, washing, folding, and cooking.

Go here to read the full interview.


Serif said...

Ooh, awesome! :)

mandapanda said...

Wow, first comment! That's never happened before. Wonder Thunder makes the coolest bananas! You can contact me via my blog..

mandapanda said...

Wow, fisrt comment! That's never happened before.. I love Wonder Thunder, they make the coolest bananas! You can contact me via my blog, just leave a comment!

mandapanda said...

Hmmm... Just realized why my comment wasn't coming up. Pick your fav and ignore the rest! Sorry :P

missmuffcake said...

toast is great!


Anonymous said...

how i love this style! <3
i would be honored to own a plushie toast by them ^^

Cecile said...

I love the Inky Octopus pillow! Plush toast sounds mighty good!


Leeann said...

very awesome!