Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Plush You SF

So SF was great! I had so much fun at Bazaar Bizarre. It was so nice to meet new people including my neighbor Lauren of Sweat Meats fame, see some old friends and see all the wonderful crafts that people make. A HUGE THANK YOU to Jamie for all of her amazing work. She is so on top of things and has a wonderful reputation that is more than well deserved!

The show at Double Punch was so much fun! I met even more new people like Anna Chambers (whom I have wanted to meet forever) and saw new/old friends. It was a nice flow of people. Sometimes it was really crowded and at other times it was mellow so you actually got time to talk with people which was really nice. Apparently they had so much traffic on their site that it crashed. I believe they will be putting all the work on their website but check out the many great pictures from Designs by L or Knit Sonya (whom it was also very very nice to meet!)

Lastly a BIG Thank You to Double Punch for hosting us and to Craft for bringing the most amazing cupcakes ever!

I will also be getting my pictures up today hopefully.

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anna said...

hi kristen- it was so great to meet you too, and I hope I didn't bend your ear with all my questions!! glad you had a safe journey back hame.