Friday, February 10, 2006


I would like to take a moment to explain a little more about what our goals are for this years event and about the show itself.

Last year I started an email group for all participants but thought that a blog would better help filter questions, answers, information, etc. It got kind of crazy towards the show with lots of emails, etc. and was hard to manage getting back to everyone. Soooo hopefully this should help. I am happy to hear any suggestions about the show and how it all goes down.

Like I mentioned before, Terry, is going to help with promotions for the show. She is definately thinking on a grander scale which is great. I really would like to have the following things and I am happy if anyone would like to volunteer time, donate an item, etc.

1) I want to have an event a week or so before that will be a plush workshop (still thinking about where). For those of you that live in Seattle, maybe you would like to help with that...come along and be a featured artist that will help others make their creations or donate items that could be used to make plushies.

2) I would like to have an auction and give the money to an organization that works with kids and art. I am thinking maybe Urban Art Works. They just lost their space around the corner and all the people that I have met from there are really great and passionate about their work.

3) A nice party hosted somewhere on the evening of the show would be nice. I am thinking we would love to also have some volunteers for the night of the show that keep watch a little. It gets really busy and packed and easy time to steal and we don't like stealers. Especially THE Steelers (bad superbowl joke)

More things will come as we approach this event that feels like it is so far away still....which it is. But I thought I would let you know about a few things to get you all excited.


Blair said...

These sound like excellent ideas, you're really thinking ahead. I'd love to help out with the workshop if you could use me. Sounds fun.

Schmancy said...

thanks blair. i will definately let you know as we get closer.

Lisa Martin-Bowman said...

I would be more than happy to donate an extra plush or two for an auction!!
Pixiegirl Art

Schmancy said...

I'll let everyone know more about donations, etc. as we get plans down. Thanks so much.