Friday, February 10, 2006

Le Merde and Wendy

More mail everyday. Today I will do a few posts because Plush YOu got mentioned on Whip Up and I have gotten a lot of new emails about the show.

First up is Le Merde. They are actually having a show here next month and they have also joined up for Plush You event. They are a really great husband, wife team doing all kinds of stuff, art, toys, plush, etc. Check out their site for more information on them.

Wendy Crabb is back for the second time. We are glad that she is participating again as her stuffed robots are really amazing. She made one last year that totally reminded me of The Iron Giant. Did you ever see that movie? It was really cute and made me cry. I actually explained it to an old boss and started getting teary just thinking about it. BABY.

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