Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fluffels Interview and Giveaway!

Fluffels are sometimes fluffy, often times adorable, occasionally sinister lookin' little creatures by Mariska Vos-Bolman. Mariska will be showing once again at Schmancy for this year's Plush You show! I love these little guys and hope you do too. Leave a comment here for your chance to win your own Cute Kitty Kit. Don't forget to leave contact info so we can tell you you won!

S- In case our readers don't know who you are, can you please briefly describe what Fluffels are and how you got started?

F- Fluffels are crazy but very cute soft toys. I try to give my creations a lot of character that will put a smile on your face. The name Fluffels is a combination of the dutch word for soft toys: Knuffels and the word Fluffy. Two years ago I bought my first sewing machine, after looking scared at it for two weeks (I was sure I was going to hurt myself) I tried my first project, a pillow. Then I made a Soft toy and there was just no stopping. :)

S- In 2007 you quit your Video game job to be a full-time plush artist. What made you take the plunge?

F- I wasn't enjoying myself at my old job anymore. I was doing the same thing for years and was pretty bored, I was making soldiers all the time. The Company itself was great, wonderful people. But I really needed a change. I already started making plush and selling them to several shops around the world. Doing this was so much more fun for me that I thought I'd give it a try. I won't say it isn't hard. But I'm enjoying myself and It is going better every month.

S- How have you marketed yourself to reach new audiences?

F- Enter lots of plush shows :) . You have to do a lot of marketing. Sent your creations to blogs, make a Flickr page. Don't expect to just start selling without doing any marketing. Hand out your business card to anyone you know, they might know someone that can help you do a bit of marketing.

Read full interview here


lookwhaticando said...

Wow....your work is amazing and my daughter would soooo love it. xo

Nichol Brinkman said...

Such Fluffy-fabulousness.

Jessica said...

I'd love my very own Kitty Kit! Your work is awesome; you definitely succeed in giving each critter personality.

Anonymous said...

Fluffels are soooo adorable! I love the name itself too =D. Mariska's a very talented soft toy maker!
And I would love so much to have a Cute Kitty Kit =)


Leeanna Butcher said...

LOVE the fluffels! The expressions on their faces are great. :D

Joy said...

Those are crazy cute! :D

Joy said...

oops, forgot to leave contact info!


flurogoddess said...

I love your knuffles!

How lovely!

jenniferlfee @

Bunny B said...

Oooo.. Kitty Kit sounds fun! Your work is so cute!!

bunnybx at gmail . com

C├ęcile said...

My little one loved the pictures of your Fluffels, although he couldn't pronounce their name!

Kimberland Designs said...

Awww! I adore fluffels!! I've been tempted to buy one for ages - now I can attempt to create my own (i don't think they will look as good though =P). I especially love Mariska's new dragon kit. So adorable! The kitty is pretty cute too =)


Kimberly Pye said...

Ha! I love these!

Pick me! Pick me! :-)

kimberlypye AT gmail DOT com

Unknown said...

Ooh- came over from Sewing Stars. These plushies are adorable! Just the kind I'd love to make for my kids, if I knew how :) myrnie_twin(at)hotmail(dot)come

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...