Monday, January 03, 2011

A new project

Today and tomorrow I will be in a photo shoot for my new book/kit with Barnes &Noble.  It will resemble this only different :)

 I figured I would highlight the contributors today and tomorrow.  You are all familiar with the lovely Denise of Yummy Pancake.  She is always so pleasant to work with!  I just love her.

I have also had the pleasure of working with some people I don't know as well such as Honeybee69

If you are unfamiliar with Elisha Copeland's work you must check it out now.  Everything she makes is adorable!

Another one you should be very familiar with is Alicia of Eternal Sunshine.  She just went through major surgery right before Christmas and is already back to updating her Etsy shop!

I hope this photo shoot goes well.  I have done one before so I know what to expect but it's always scary no matter what.


out of the frame said...

looks like it will be a great book :)

Lou Lou & Oscar said...

How exciting, I hope the shoot goes well. Congratulations Kristen.

Flaky Friends said...

My little sister bought me this book for Christmas after listening to me whining about not knowing how to crochet for all of 2010. It's fabulous! My favorite design is the alley kat with the garbage bin and dead fish. I'm still working on the basics of crocheting using the book, but hope to be able to pull of some of the more complex designs soon with a little more practice. Nice work!

elishacopeland said...

i cant wait, its going to be awesome!