Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reading List for my 2011

The day after Urban Craft Uprising was over I decided to go buy some books at my my favorite bookstore.  I can't wait to just snuggle up with a good book with a hot cup of apple cider! 

I did start Freedom and really love it but I figured I would.  I love Jonathan Franzen!

I decided to take a crack at these "girl with" books!  I got the first one, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I enjoyed one of Siri's other books, What I Loved, so I thought I would get The Sorrows of an American

 Siri's husband, Paul Auster is my favorite author and I have yet to read Invisible 

Someone recently gave me The Raw Shark Texts

I decided to get Tara French's new book, The Likeness.

I really hope these aren't the only books I get to read in 2011 but it's a good start!  I tend to read tons in January so I am looking forward to it!

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