Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Plush You! Seattle!

Hey loveys,

I just sent those participating in Plush You! here in Seattle an email.  Please let me know asap if you didn't get it.
I can't believe the show is so soon!  So much to do.  I am super excited though.  I have heard many of you are coming to the opening.  Who's coming?  I am thinking there should be a party after the opening again at the Nite Lite since many of you stay at The Moore Hotel.  We are thinking about some other fun events to keep the party going all weekend!  More to come soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just letting you know I didn't get the email. My address is melkatsa[at] Thanks!

~ Melissa

dawn said...

Hey Kristen,
I didn't get the email. I did send in my label information so I hope you got that... dawn rogal

out of the frame said...

i didn't get the email either - although I did get the one from you confirming that you've received my dolls.

erinn said...

Hi Kristin,
I just saw this post and I didn't get the email either. My stuff is on its way to you, if you need any specific information in the meantime please let me know. I'm going to email you as well. Thanks!

Karen Lyons said...

WEll, I have no excuse not to come! I'm right here is West Seattle. Let us know if anything develops for after the show.
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