Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Plush You! LA! 411

Alright my lovelies.  Here is the skinny on what is going on with the LA show!  Munky King is sending me a few huge boxes of plush that did not sell during the show.  They are also sending me a check for the work that did.  This means a few things.  #1, I have A LOT of work in front of me and #2 I would greatly appreciate your patience.  Once I get the check I need to cash it before I can start writing checks.  So once I get it and deposit it, I will start emailing you confirming your address or paypal address and then will begin sending checks.  For those of you that have work that did not find new homes I have an idea.  Sally over at Fancy did not get enough work for this year's show in Seattle.  Because the show is getting a lot of local attention we hope it's a huge success.  She is happy to have some of the LA work in her shop for the month of Plush You! here.  So once all the work reaches me, I will either be paying, asking if you want it here or sent home OR both.  Until then, please be patient, as you can see there is a lot of extra work.

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