Friday, April 23, 2010

Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs

There are so many reasons to come out for Seattle's first Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs.  I know the price could be rough for some folks but think of it as continuing education.  A lot of people want to be at a place to start selling at craft shows but don't feel ready yet, attending this conference will give you the confidence to do so.  Some of you want to build your blog or start a podcast which will hopefully result in more sales, this conference will help you do that.  Other people want to learn how to transition into opening up a brick and mortar shop or make your art your full time job, this conference can also help you with that!  AND you get breakfast and lunch each day AND you get to mingle with some of your crafty heros, your author heros, your business heros, etc.  It's going to be so great.  Don't delay and get your tickets today!

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