Friday, February 05, 2010

Jenny Harada Interview

Looking at Jenny Harada Jenny Harada's work is like eye candy.  The colorful, delicious kind that you could look at forever because it makes you feel all warm and FUZZY inside.  I have had the great pleasure of knowing Jenny for awhile now and I am so happy to say that she is our next up Plush Exclusive.  We are doing them back to back this month because of Valentine's Day.  So get your lover something fuzzy and cuddly to keep them warm on the nights you might not be around.  Here is an interview about her and her release which will be out this Wed, the 10th.

S- What was your inspiration for this exclusive?

JH- I make a bunch of silly huge masks and many people write to me about how much they like them. That makes me so happy! Sometimes they express interest in getting one for themselves but since many hours of work go in to each one, folks often just get sticker shock instead. I wanted to do something with my mask designs but on a smaller scale so that they could be more accessible. I think the idea of the mask hiding something is exciting. There's secret love hiding under there!

S- What are your plans for 2010? 
JH- I'd like to make lots and lots of monsters with no specific purpose in mind. I want to freeform it and follow my whims. I haven't done that in a long time because there are always shows to make things for, and specific plans for this or that, that are made far in advance. By the time I get to making things, the spontaneity is often starting to fade. I want to make lots of monsters, but make them one at a time and introduce them to the world as soon as they are created and not have to wait weeks or months to do so. I want to make smaller masks that fit on people's heads too, following the more accessible thing I mentioned above. I'd also like to make myself a new wardrobe. I have a dream that one day everything in my closet will be made by myself or other independent makers. I probably won't accomplish that in 2010, but I'd like to get a good head start.

S- Any cool shows you are participating in this new year?
JH- Right now my creatures are in a three person plush show with the work of Heidi Kenney and Spooky Daddy at Art Star in Philadelphia called "Sea Party." It will be up until February 14. There are a few other group shows coming up but not too many things on the calendar this year. I hope to keep it that way and not get tempted to follow every opportunity that comes my way, as I often do. I want to say "no" more so I can follow my plan as described in the previous question. My book about monster crafts is coming out in September. Ok that's not a show, but it's the biggest event I am looking forward to this year.

S- How do you feel about the upcoming holiday that is known as Valentine's Day?

JH- I LOVE Valentine's Day! I've gone through many stages of love and hate for the holiday in my life. When I was a young adult I wanted to pretend it wasn't cool for some reason. That was most likely because I didn't have a love of my own at the time. I always secretly wished I would be surprised by a secret admirer. Valentine's day is especially fun now that I have kids. My current stance is that if there is a reason to celebrate, then why not celebrate? What better thing is there to celebrate than love? I still sympathize with the grumpypusses, though. Go punch a black heart shaped pillow, and then hug it. I love you.

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maureencracknell said...

Super cute plush! I agree with her thoughts on Valentine's Day.