Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Year of the Tiger


I still can't decide how I feel about 2009.  It went by so fast it all feels kinda cloudy.  And 2008 seemed so bad that 2009 didn't seem so bad.  I came out with two books, Creature Crochet and Button and Stitch: Supercute Ways to Use Your Button Stash.  It was our first full year of Grassroots Business Association.  I curated a show at Gallery Hanahou and started the plush exclusives and did the usual Schmancy stuff.  It really went so fast and I felt almost constantly busy.  This year there are some secret projects in the works which are really exciting but I also hope to take it easy a little bit more. 

Some things I would like to accomplish in the new year:

1) Complete my braided rug that I started more than a year ago now and for some reason can't sew it correctly.  This weekend I am going to take it apart (again) and try sewing it one more time using directions.

2) See friends more often (this is more towards friends whom I make plans with but it takes us 2 months to actually get it together).  You know who you are

3) If I decide to make a gift...let's say a baby gift, I need to make practical goals so that I accomplish them in time and not 5 months later. 

4) Eat at home during the week as much as humanly possible.  AND eat breakfast!  (i am terrible at that)

5) Try and get wholesale accounts again for some of my items. 

I could go on and on but I won't bore you.  I am hoping because it's the year of the tiger and I am a tiger maybe it's my year.  I'm going with that.  Happy New Year lovelies.  xoxo

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I know has been way toooooo long. xoxo
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