Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meet Our Judges

Lastly, we have the awesome Robert Mahar of Mahar Drygoods fame. Here are his stats.

Please state your name and occupation: My name is Robert Mahar, I am the ringleader and proprietor of MaharDrygoods.com. I’m also Grand Poobah of the JuniorSociety.com

Your favorite sport? It’s a toss up between thumb wrestling and tetherball.

Your least favorite sport? Big game hunting.

Why do you love plush? Oh, let me count the ways... Plush is a wonderful mish-mash of art and craft. It’s illustration made three-dimensional. It’s universal, accessible, creepy and cute. And it’s that rare form of artistic expression that you can find on a gallery shelf and on a two-year-old’s bed.

Don't forget, you have until this Friday to sign up to participate in the Schmancy Olypmic Challenge

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