Friday, November 20, 2009

More UCU

More goodies I would like to get my hands on at Urban Craft Uprising are:

Anything by Scrumptious Delight would be good. Again, one of those things I am not sure whom I would give to but I can figure that out later...or just keep it?

I have also been making a lot of items to give. I want to give my landlords a package full of yummy treats and would love to get a few of these salts to throw in there!

My aunt has really gotten into knitting in the past few years and Spincycle makes the most beautiful yarn!

I think my mom needs a bag from Tote2Go as well!

I am also really loving the work by Wooly Bison. Maybe I can convince them to trade...I love trading!!!

There are tons of other amazing vendors who will be at this winter show so check them all out here. I could just go on and on!


Melissa Sue said...

that wooly bison bag is the BEST. o_O

PaisleyJade said...

I love all of those things... especially the candy floss sofies...

missy said...

I love the cotton candy and the Wooly Bison totes, too! What great artists!!

Raggy Rat said...

mmmm i love following your juicy links - im also an esty bod who loves to trade - perhaps you could have a pro trade entry? then we could all connect :-)