Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Thank you

I want to thank our sponsors this year! Stitches is my favorite fabric store in Seattle. She has a great selection of fabrics and yarn and other craft supplies. If you are coming out for this year's show, make sure to schedule a stop there. It would be super easy if you plan on attending any of the screenings of Handmade Nation at the Northwest Film Forum. Either way, it's a must see for any craft lover visiting Seattle.

I also have admired the work of Button Arcade for years now. I always direct people to them when someone is looking for pins to be made. They make really great products with lot's of care. I am so happy they sponsored this year's show!

I also want to thank Dawn and her lovely husband, Jason. Jason came to the store several times to pick up loads of boxes which were then taken to their apartment so that Dawn could photograph each piece for online purposes. It was so so nice I can't even describe it. They are the sweetest humans so hopefully you will get to meet them this year and MAYBE even they will come out after the show ;)


lookwhaticando said...

Oh....thanks was our pleasure and I had fun. I just hope some of them will work.
Thanks so much :)

Buttonarcade said...

Aw, thank you, Kristen! It was our honor.♥

Stitches said...

Thanks Kristen, We love Schmancy too! Stitches looks forward to seeing all the Plush You! and Handmade Nation goers this weekeknd.