Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Plush You issues

As some of you have been super late and mention it on your own blogs I feel the need to address this issue instead of asking you to take off your posta. I completely understand being busy. Trust me, I do. I have Schmancy, I am the Director of PR and Marketing for Urban Craft Uprising, we are expanding Grassroots Business Association and I too like to make things when I find the time. The one thing that I would like to say about late entries is that I do send out acceptance letters more than 6 months in advance. I understand that you want to make the best item possible and you should be happy with the results. I get it. I just want to make a note that this is NOT something people should be used to. I want to be nice, I want everyone to be happy but I too need to be happy. Getting things last minute adds work and stress to my life and this week, my stress level is already reaching a point I don't like. I haven't slept much for the last week because of anxiety and I feel nervous all the time. I am not trying to be bitchy and I am not trying to make anyone feel bad. BUT I also just want to make this clear- just because others have been late and gotten away with it doesn't mean it is acceptable. You guys are the sweetest bunch on the planet and the nice words, cards, praise are more than I would imagine. Just please understand that this is a HUGE job of major organization. To get names, prices, labels, info correct is a job in itself. Then I gotta make swag bags, put out postcards, send press releases, put a show up, etc. It's a lot. So for the future, be on time please. Make practical goals and if you make the commitment I hope you can keep to the guidelines. I got a lot riding on this too. Thank you! xoox

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