Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hine's Banana Slugs and Interview

Today is the next awesome Schmancy plush release. These adorable banana slugs were made by the super talented Hine. They are super limited so don't delay! We caught up with Hine for a quick interview.

S- I really love your work. Everything you make has so much detail and care. How long does it generally take to make a piece and how often do you create a new piece?

HM- Thanks! I make each piece quite slowly. According to one of my friends, I am slower than a turtle at any work! :D I think I am probably twice as slow as an average crafter (I need 48 hours a day!). I'm ashamed to say I actually don't create many plush or dolls, but when there is a special occasion, like an exhibition, a commissioned work or a video project, I love to elaborate and concentrate to create my pieces.

S- Can you tell us a bit about your toy for Schmancy?

HM- They are Banana slugs. I know only three types so far, the yellow ones, wild ones (rare) and albino ones (very rare). If you go hiking in the forests in Vancouver, you can often see them. One of them is actually my assistant. You've probably seen him in my stop-motion video ( He always works very hard, but he is tiny, so he can make only one Camera camera case a month. Recently my friend Mr. Squid (32, single, ....anyone?) also got a cute Albino Banana slug as a pet ( I'm working on a stop-motion video with them now.

S- What are some of your summer plans?

HM- Making some pieces for the Plush You show will be one of the most important things in my summer plans. And we are going to visit NY soon, which is very exciting. There is also an exhibition of Kokeshi art in LA from July, in which I'm participating. I hope I can make a visit there. Other than that, I spend my not-too-hot summer here in Vancouver as always.


Leeanna Butcher said...

love hine's work!!! :D

Eva said...

yay, i got one of the slugs, which one will i get, I wonder :)

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

wonderful work!