Sunday, June 28, 2009


When I say I am cleaning Schmancy, this time I really mean it. It's getting a makeover. I can't stand looking at the junk I have acquired in the last few years being here. Then there are items that have just been here way too long. I need some new products so people don't leave empty handed and that means I need room. I don't need plush...just throwing that out there...just other items, mainly vinyl but anyways I should not be blogging, I just needed a break.

And I couldn't ignore the awesomeness to be hand over on the Plush You flickr group

like this plush roller skate!

Or the crazy realistic looking corn cobs!

Or the cute new weeds by mochimochi land

Or this amazing Goth girl by Robyn Fabsits

More to come about these toys that will be released July 15th by Hine


Pang said...

LOVE them! is there a way that i can pre order the slugs?

Melissa Sue said...

what about hand-made vinyl-like items, like these:

Schmancy said...

Sure. Just let me know what color u would like.

Pang said...

sorry about the delay. but i would love the little green lad!

Schmancy said...

Great. I will set one aside for u and then on the 15th if you could please order one from my I can get it out to you.

Pang said...

yay! thank you Kristen!!