Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Swap

photo from Curls of Sunshine

I will not lie. This year has gone by crazy fast but has had some rough spots along the way. I feel like I can't get a breather and it's a bit frustrating. I also always find myself at a lack of funds. OIY the life of the self employed. Is it really that glamorous? But today I had a light bulb go off to a summer swap with my fellow crafty friends. I used to do swaps all the time but these days there is no time. I love to do them though so I figured what the hey. Here is what I am thinking. You email me at kristen(at)schmancytoys(dot)com with the subject, Summer Swap. I collect all you lovelies until July 5th. Then you will be contacted with someone else's email to swap with. What does the summer swap consist of? Whatever you think would be summery, relaxing or fun. Perhaps a good book, tea and some candles? Fabric swaps to get the juices flowing. cookies, cake mix. YOU NAME IT. A bottle of Whisky?

Who's in?


brandi milne said...

Summer Swap?? Count me in suckas!!!

Schmancy said...

Awesome. Can you email me your email and site if you have one so I can add you to the list? xox

Danielleorama said...

Great idea!

I'm in! *e-mailing you now*