Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let it snow

It doesn't snow much here in Seattle. So when it does it can be the worst day or the best day of the year (depending on what you got to do). My friend once explained one of our snow days as "Christmas without all the obligation". My sentiments exactly. That year we went "sled riding" down my street with Rubbermaid lids. Everyone around here was so excited and smiling. However the next few days was slushy and a huge wait for buses which is just about the worst when you gotta be at work at a certain time. Anyways, it snowed the other day and is going to snow again for several days. It might even get to 6" by Thursday!!! It's crazy. The city will more or less shut down.

I am kinda looking forward to it even though it will hurt my business. The economy has hurt my business so what's one day of snow?

Here's to snow!

Stephanie Fizer



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