Wednesday, August 13, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

I was going to write about one thing but then I found so many things to talk about I couldn't decide. So here they all are!

Not only does Hine make the most amazing plush but she makes the most amazing everything!

These hippos are adorable!

Nichol-B has an amazing gift of making everything look wonderful!

This pin totally reminds me of the Smurfs...of which I loved!

Not your "normal" unicorn but what's normal anyways?

These little mice are so cute. They look pretty friendly too.

What the clunk? All of these are so adorable!

Thank you, Dawn so much for posting a lovely write up on the Heidi Kenney show!


lookwhaticando said... was my pleasure...we had a lot of fun. What a great show. It was of course wonderful to see you too. xoxo :)

hine said...

Thanks Kristen! :)

Kimberland Designs said...

I adore Hine's work too. One day I plan to purchase one of her fabulous camera cases - problem is which one to choose!!

Cecile said...

I just love this new selection of plushies!

Nichol Brinkman said...