Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's SO HOT in here!

If you don't live in Seattle you might not know this but Seattle is a very mild city to live in. It's never too cold or too hot. It's pretty awesome and suits my wardrobe nicely. But today is just way too hot! I am already exhausted and this weather is just making me feel like I could pass out at the computer. There are even several places in downtown that are closed because of the heat...Seattle folks just can't deal. And hardly anyone has air conditioning because what's the point. OH air conditioning. I just want to close and go sit in a movie until the sun goes down. Here are some other things I am fantasizing about currently.

Ice Cream!

Maybe just a few clouds or not. I do love the sun!

Strawberries sound good

Or an apple

Maybe a chill pill would help?

I really just want to go lay under a big tree and fall asleep.

My poor kitties must be dying of heat...i live on the 4th floor and it gets SO HOT in there! I bet they want to grab their hobo bags and go fishing like these guys

yeah yeah yeah, I love mushrooms. What can I say?

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Nosnin said...

I almost jumped right out of my chair when saw the plush clouds in this post! We (the hubby and me) are very glad that you like our clouds!!
I read your blog all the time and I was very happy to see a picture of our stuff!

er, rather The Mistress of Glitter and Cupcakes