Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If I could scream I would!!

This is a note to all Plush You participants this year. I very very sadly erased my ENTIRE folder for Plush You 2008 this morning. It is so heartbreaking on so many levels and I feel like punching walls and have already cried. Those of you who received emails yesterday about confirming info, I have all of your info. All others, I have no idea.

I don't even have a list of who I accepted. I mean I do but it would take hours of work to retrieve it all. I came in early to work specifically to get a lot of stuff done today and now I feel like my day will be used up trying to deal with this. I have so much shit to do that I am really on the verge of a mental breakdown.

So please, send me your full info asap including the following:

Name (that you want to see on the tag)
Website (we only have space for one...not blog and website and etsy shop...choose one)
Names of pieces (Remember you can only submit up to three for Schmancy, Nancy and Fancy)
Prices of each piece

Anyways, I am going take a walk and try to cool off.


Anonymous said...

I've been there. I deleted my entire thesis (read: 1 year's work gone) and I felt the same: "If I could scream, I would". But no sound would come out!

So this is a good lesson about backing up your info but you don't need that now - what you need now is to grab someone and go to wal-mart or something, buy a set of cheap plates and then smash them. Do it. Best $20 you'll ever spend.

Then go get a coffee and the biggest, moistest slice of cake you can and scoff the lot while cussing like a sailor.

Then when you get back there'll be heaps of emails waiting for you with all your info and you'll be back on the right track.

Two Cheese Please

Full Of Fluff said...

So sad to here about this. I hope that everyone quickly sends you their information.