Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Feel like makin' plush

I just realized that perhaps there are folks out there that don't know how to make plushies, want to expand their skills and whatnot. So here are some kits that might be of interest to you!

If you have ever thought, geez I really wish I could crochet my own happy ice cream cone, well now is your chance.

For the little more skilled sewer this adorable Japanese anime rabbit pattern and kit would make a perfect addition!

Jenny Harada makes some awesome monsters and you can too!

Make sure you check in often with Moxie as she always has awesome kits sure to bring a smile to anyone you love.

I have recently been talking with Jamie from Mary Jane's Attic who has some fantastic kits for sale including this pom pom kit!

Lastly, I am going to order these awesome sock monkey kits for Schmancy soon!


Eva said...

gosh, all those kits look like so much fun! i've been eyeing the jennylovesbenny kits... they are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Chronicle Books has a softies kit, too.