Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dreamlets Interview

I met the fantastic folks behind Dreamlets awhile ago now and thought they were delightful. I was so happy to see Amy at The Lab last week...and she even brought me a present :) Anyways, they were so nice to answer some very last minute questions so we could have our weekly interview. Leave a comment with contact info, for your chance to win TWO of your favorite dreamlets!

S- We've read about your business online and love your work... can you explain a little more about who Dreamlets is?

D- Amy: Dreamlets is a company, a brand, and a line of designer plush characters created by my business partner and beautiful designer, Matty Harper. We started the company in 2006, and have been actively selling Dreamlets since the beginning of this year. The name Dreamlets is inspired by a reference in Geek Love, a book by Katherine Dunn, but also speaks to one of our ideals - that dreams do come true and anything is possible.

Matty: "Dreamlets" is "Let's Dream" flip-flopped.

click here to read full interview.


Chocolate Log said...

I love Dreamlets, found them while wasting time online. They are super cute :D

Keep up the good work
Chocolate Log

Jessica McLeod said...

Your work is so adorable!

My email is :D

Harpy said...

:D Very lovely plushies.

Cynthetic said...

These are the cutest plushies. I love them. I cannot wait to but a dreamlet for myself. Cyndy (

Anonymous said...

Oooh comment!

Those dreamlets are the cutest! How sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I forgot my contact info!

jenniferlfee at

thanks TONS!

Church of Craft Athens said...

those are so cute...!


Erin M. Evans said...

I'm with chocolate log...i just love wasting time on the find the cutest Dreamlets!!!

Funky Finds said...

These are fantastic!

Jessica Hood

Anonymous said...

cute little dudes!

dreamijo @

Yummy Pancake said...

Oh my gosh! Those little guys are uber cute!! I just want to give them a big ol' hug! I think Uncle has to be my favorite! Great website too! It makes me smile!

Inka said...

these are so very cute. :)
especially the ceecee!


Kristen =) said...

These little guys are the sweetest things. I just love them!!!!

Great Blog I found you through Jessica @ Funky Finds!

Kristen =)

tania said...

just found you thanks to funky finds. What sweet little creatures!!

Jamie said...

They are ALL adorable! As always, thanks for the interview and the daily cuteness :)

email: jamiekins15 at hotmail dot com

Autumn said...

Those are the cutest things!


Anonymous said...

I love these guys!!