Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sopa de Principe: Veronica Longoni

I recently got a very nice email from the lovely Lizette Greco pointing me in the direction of a friend of hers. Since Lizette explained her friend way better than I ever could I just thought I would cut and paste part of her email.

"We met softie maker Sopa de Príncipe: Verónica Longoni (and her husband and little daughter) is an amazing kind friend and wonderful artist. She makes the cutest variety of softies for kids (although lots of adults buy them for themselves). The softies are made in lots of bright colors with knit fabrics (that allows them to be washed). You can choose between domestic, farm, regional or jungle animals. There are also some other unique designs such as Arma-Mostro (make-your-own monster). All the softies are her own creation and illustrations. She is a painter, textile designer, and sculptor. She also used to work as a costume designer for entertainment industry. Verónica told me she re-discovered her love for doll making when she helped clean up after her grandmother had passed away and saw some of the trims and pieces she had stored. Her grandmother showed her how to make a soft doll of her own when she was little".

Her website is very cute! You can see Lizette's work displayed in Sopa de Pincipe store here

Here are just a few of my favorites:


Anonymous said...

how can you order these? please let me know thanks

Anonymous said...

There is a site that sells the little monster dolls...
I dont know where to get the animals