Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wedding Time

It's that time of year again. When you are my age people are getting hitched left and right. I am really excited to see my friend Kori this evening who has been on a very long vacation and was proposed to during this time. Tonight is her bridal shower so in honor of her I thought I would do a wedding themed post.

I guess before you start the whole wedding planning process you have to be proposed to. I have recently made these fortune cookies with the idea that you could tie your ring at the end of the fortune and tada!

I would think choosing a cake would be on the top of my list. Although I think I might have to go with cupcakes. I love all the creative cake toppers people have been making such as this one by Cornflake Girl

Or these by The House of Mouse

Although this cake is not edible, it sure makes for a nice addition to any creative wedding.

I think flowers would be second on my priority list. The bouquets by Midori Designs are not plush but sure are beautiful!

This is the cutest ring bearer pillow I have ever seen!

I am really far behind on my wedding gifts but I found some great ideas! This would make a nice gift for the happy couple by La Pomme

If the bride and groom are goth squid lovers, this would make a great gift!

I made Kori and Chris this gift and thought of making them and selling them as wedding favors

One side of the fortune would be their names

And the other side would be the date of their wedding.


Anonymous said...

I love your idea for wedding favours. We had handmade gingerbread men (a couple holding hands) which took hours to make!

Anonymous said...

That plush fortune cookie proposal idea is fantastic! It would be an amazing little keep sake.

Patrizia said...

Wonderful post, perfect for wedding season! I especially love the LaPomme swans! Oh I love that shop!