Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fantastic Toys Interview

Sometimes it's all said in the name. Fantastic Toys is an example. They really are fantastic toys! The first time I laid my eyes on them was over on our flickr pool so when I saw that Tim, creator and mastermind behind Fantastic Toys, applied for Plush You! I was overjoyed. I would finally be able to see the fantasticness in person. I am still excited and only wish October was sooner (although it feels like it's October here...why???). I am really happy to present you with this fantastic interview with Tim. Leave a comment with your contact info and your color of choice: Periwinkle, rose, mint, light blue, raspberry, purple. buttercup and pink for your chance to win your very own fawn!

S- I have seen your plush around flickr, etc and knew that you made amazing stuffed toys but looking through your actual website. Well I now have a million questions. First let's get a bit of background on you and your work?

FT- I started making toys about 10 years ago beginning with marionettes then eventually I moved on to miniature animal dolls and hand puppets. After doing a couple of miniature shows the dolls never took off the way I thought they would. About that time I discovered the world of plush and I knew I had to reinvent myself and start playing with felt. I started posting my creations on Craftster and flickr and the feedback was immediate and positive. So just under 2 years I have created a nice little niche for myself making soft toys.

S- Between the plush, the hand puppets and the miniature dolls, where do you spend most of your time?

FT- Currently I'm placing most of the emphasis on plush toys. But right now I'm having fun designing paper toys and DIY patterns. With the way the economy is right now people are holding onto their money. They're spending less and prefer to make it themselves trying to save a buck.

Read full interview here


Liane said...

What great toys! I love the gnomes especially.

For the fawn... raspberry, please!

paula said...

It's so nice to hear about someone who is so committed to plush creation. Perhaps you'd like to link in with the plush toys currently blogging on I do
(plush duck)

MiauMau said...

I'll have to go for the mushrooms, they're just lovely.
Periwinkle, for me please!!
sandra_murta at hotmail dot com


Crafty Carolinagirl said...

I love Fantastic Toys! All of the items are so cute, and the unicorn is adorable.

I'd love a periwinkle fawn!

Johnie said...

I just LOVE these interviews.. how clever.. the next thing these cute stuffed guys need is their own bog.
These stuffed creatures have real personality – they should join a blog & express it