Friday, June 27, 2008

Gay Pride

This weekend is the Gay Pride Parade in Seattle. In honor of the parade I thought I would do a post on rainbows. A few years back some of my dear friends went down to Portland to get officially married. It was one of the most special, emotional weddings I have attended. The judge was so nice and said it had been the most fun few weeks of her career. Hopefully one day the battle will be over.

Yummy Pancake is getting a lot of attention over here these days but I could not resist!

This guys rainbow eyes are pretty hypnotizing don't you think?

Rainbows and stars both seem to be popular tattoos. Now you can have two for the price of one! By Little Odd Forest

This is a cute crochet rainbow!

I really love this caterpillar

Jenny Harada is more or less amazing.

I heart Doma!

And I heart Peskimo

That's it folks. Have a colorful weekend!

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Patrizia said...

I love them all but especially the ice cream cone! Hehe!