Tuesday, April 29, 2008


From Wikipedia.

"The Wolpertinger (Crisensus bavaricus) (also called "Wolperdinger", "Poontinger" or "Woiperdinger") is a cryptid supposedly living in the alpine forests of Bavaria in Germany. It has body parts of various animals — generally wings, antlers and fangs, all attached to the body of a small mammal. The most widespread description is that of a horned rabbit or horned squirrel. It is similar to the Rasselbock from the Thuringian Forest, the Elwedritsche of the Palatinate region, which resembles a chicken-like creature with antlers and to the American invention of the jackalope as well as to the Swedish Skvader.

Stuffed Wolpertingers, composed of parts of real stuffed animals, are often displayed or sold as tourist souvenirs in their "native regions". Each village has its own set of tales about sightings of the Wolpertinger in the nearby countryside.

Like the jackalope, the Wolpertinger is thought to have been inspired by sightings of wild rabbits infected with the Shope papilloma virus, which causes the growth of antler-like tumors in various places on the rabbit's head and body."

I had an email the other day looking to see if someone was willing to make them a Wolpertinger. Anyone up for the challenge? It looks like a really fun project. If you want to get ahold of her, please comment here with your email so she knows how to contact you.


ariana said...

Sounds like a fun challenge. If you think what I make would be a good fit for the Wolpertinger of your dreams, you can email me at info(at)stain-drop.com.

Carey said...

My husband and I saw these guys in the hunting and fishing museum in Munich last year. The display also had several other taxidermied animals that had been spliced together. Strangely this exhibit was along side other more accurate looks of wildlife in Bavaria. The museum also thought it was important to include a visual on how the Wolpertinger could be conceived. Most of the bunny-deer-chicken-things had very creepy fangs and looked much meaner than the illustration on Wikipedia. I took some photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cerya/404564594/in/set-72157594559810973/

My husband begged me to make one. If your customer likes my work I would be willing to take a stab at it. carey(at)fulloffluff(dot)com

MiauMau said...

mmmm, sounds like an interesting challenge! I would love a stab at it....


p.s: this is my first comment on plushyou, I'm so proud of myself!

ChristinaWard said...

Hi! My first comment on plush you, too.

My raison d'etre is making cryptids. I'm obsessed. Check out some of the creatures I've created. Here are links to a Hodag (native to Wisconsin) and a Chupacabra. Thanks for looking. (Sprechen sie Deutsch, too.) odaliske (at)wi.rr.com

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