Friday, April 18, 2008

Looking for an intern

Folks, I just can't do it anymore all on my own. Elena is awesome and I wish I could clone her so I would have more of her but I can't. I am looking for an intern here at Schmancy to help with the gallery portion of my job. All the aspects of my job are like one full time job after another. BUT the internship is a part time gig that would help you learn the ins and outs of running a gallery.

Here are more details:

We are looking for an intern to help us manage the gallery side of Schmancy. This would be a part time position with us that can be done mostly from your home.

Description of job duties:
*update blog for gallery
*communicate with artists on a regular basis
*manage preview list
*promote the shows
*contact media about upcoming shows
*hang art with artist on day of openings (second friday of the month)

We are looking for someone right away. Resumes are due by April 25th. Please email me or drop them off directly at Schmancy 1932 2nd ave

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q.D.paToOtieS said...

Wow, I wish I lived in Seattle, WA now! That sounds like a really cool job.