Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm going

Today is my last day at Schmancy for a few weeks and I am pretty excited. Pretty excited doesn't even really say it all. I am so excited to get out of Seattle for a minute, have a break from my job and get some inspiration. My first stop is to see my mom and dad in Cleveland. I grew up there and still have some good friends there so it will be nice to be relaxed and not do much. Then I am off to NYC and that is the part I am most excited for as far as the inspiration goes.

I plan to see Anna of Mochimochi Land, visit the other ladies at Gallery Hanahou and hopefully meet up with Jenny Harada.

Then I want to see these places:

The Devorah Sperber show.

The MAD Museum to see the Pricked show.

Finally go to Purl and the Natural History Museum

Do a little research for the Button Book here

Go the the Mist signing at Kidrobot

And lastly, every time I go to NYC I try to eat a cupcake from a different place. This time I will be going to Babycakes.

The rest of the time will be spent with friends eating and drinking. Weee. Thanks for listening, if you did, I thought I should write a list somewhere so I don't forget what I want to do. If anyone has any suggestions let me know! Elena will be the master blogger while I am gone.

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Amy Ellsworth said...

Have a great time! If you get a chance, check out the embroidery exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design (across the street from MOMA). Talk about inspiration...