Saturday, February 16, 2008


The new Mortified book is out and it's fantastic. The first book cracks me up and makes me slightly uncomfortable. This new one delivers just as much and so much's all about Love. I highly recommend this book! I love looking in the back to see where all these people are today. Most of them seem to be living a pretty amazing and successful life. Perhaps the pain and suffering we endure during childhood makes us cooler people in the end. I would hate seeing any kid I know going through it and know I will say "it will only make u stronger". They won't believe me, they'll think I am stupid and then 8 to 10 year's later they will say the same thing to the next generation. Thank goodness stuff like this is around.

I found Justin's blog thanks to this book. Justin, Thanks for sharing. I love your Good and Bad list.

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