Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hi friends.
Happy New Year! I hope that you had a great beginning and that this year is full of crafty goodness for you all. I want to apologize for being a bit m.i.a. these past few weeks. As you can imagine, Schmancy was luckily busy during the holidays leaving me little time for blogging. The day after Christmas I began to feel crummy and developed the worst cold I have had in year's. I actually slept about 3 days more or less and ended up going to the doctor on New Year's eve as I was not feeling much better. I am on the mend and started working again today. I will get back to blogging as normal now and really do apologize my lapse.

First off I need your help. I am writing an article for Craft that is due relatively soon. The article is focusing on crafting hazards and what we can all do to help our bodies from harms way during crafting craziness. If any of you would like to share your experiences here, I would greatly appreciate it. If I think your story might be helpful to this article I might like to contact you directly for more information. I will also be happy to offer advice I might have to help since I have interviewed various professionals on this topic including a Nutritionist, a yoga instructor and an OT.

Plushie goodness coming soon.


Alyoops said...

One thing in the realm of knitting is needle covers. I don't know what the technical term is, but they're rubber caps you slip on the tops of your knitting needles when you're not working on them. I think these are essential, especially when working with smaller sized needles, since I personally have stepped on work that's fallen on the floor. They look dull, but they can sure draw blood!

Something else I think would be important for knitters would be to learn how to knit in both English and Continental styles, as switching between styles can prevent Carpal Tunnel and other repetitive stress problems. Repetitive stress problems may also be a problem with crochet-ers, but I'm not sure. I can't really cover the sewing end of things, as I don't have any terror tales from there.

Mandy said...

One thing that was totally killing me was when i would do craft fairs, I kept my toys and products in giant bulky bins that would break my back carrying them around. One thing I found that is an excellent idea is to vacuum seal my items the morning of the event in large bags to: A-save room and B- not be so heavy. You don't even have to buy expensive bags to save your back, I use old zipper bags from new blankets and comforters to put items in.

If I think of anything more useful I will let you know!

Barbara Prime said...

Not sure if this will help you much, but thought I would add my two bits :)

I spend many hours a day knitting, and while my preferred chair is fairly comfy, I do get a sore back from poor lumbar support. My solution is to use a small square heating pad to support my lower back. It's home-made - a 7x7" bag filled with flax seeds, with a removable fleece cover. If I just want support, I tuck it behind me and wiggle it into place. If my back is already sore, I can heat it in the microwave for a couple minutes before using it.

Now if you have any suggestions for sore hands and wrists, I would love to hear them ;)