Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I was looking on the addictive flickr the other day and came across these beautiful plush creations. They are seriously mind blowing pieces that I could seriously stare at for hours. I love the variety in work, the detail, the...every little part of it. These definitely are very artistic and most likely not very good for kids. At least I wouldn't let a kid play with them. They are just too pretty to be loved by children. But I say this because all of my childhood stuffed animals were taped at the legs, had stuffing coming out of their heads, were stained to degrees we don't even want to admit and most likely just stunk. I really loved my animals. Raggedy Anne still has a very special place in my heart. You should see her. Oh man, maybe one day I will post a picture. One time my best friend in middle school said to me "I don't mean to make fun of your dolls, it really shows that you love them so much". hahaha...ok now that my rambling is over, check these out.

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Elena said...

Oh, I love the siamese red one!!!

Andrea said...


tania said...

yay, my "les Monstrìs" will be part of PLUSH YOU!!