Friday, November 30, 2007

Introducing Turtle Dub with Burn-Out Syndrome

If you do not know about the awesome Parapluesch game and toys then you are in luck. Because now you will. Today the new Turtle Dub with Burn-Out Syndrome is being released and is nothing short but awesome. Check him out and all his other friends. They really need your help!

Here is some information on his case:

Being an animal more accustomed to a relaxed pace, life in the fast lane has caught up with our patient, sending him into a deep depression. Can you help him to come out of his shell once more and enjoy life on the outside? Help Dub to rediscover life - slowly this time!

Case history:

Three weeks ago, Dub was brought to our clinic by his owner, the proprietor of a 24hour-health club. He, the owner, had accidentally jammed the patient behind a Hercules2000 BodyTrainer. He was really worried, but when the turtle started training right after his release, everything seemed to be alright. Only when Dub was still training on the same treadmill after three weeks, the “ceaseless hopping of the crazy turtle” started to seem weird.
Initially, this phase of heightened activity continued in the clinic. It was not until two weeks ago that the patient – after what he described as an “extremely frustrating” experience in a dream – lost all consciousness.

Symptoms and preliminary diagnosis:

Basic symptoms during the active phase were sleeplessness, meticulously sticking to a self-imposed schedule as well as terrifically overestimating one’s own physical abilities. After the dream experience, the patient’s condition has been marked by listlessness, pschymotor stoppages and an interpersonal retreat into his own shell. In addition, Dub suffers from feelings of inadequacy, which express themselves in his endless accusations of his own failure as a “high performance turtle

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