Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hillary Lang Interview

If you are a crafter and/or read various craft blogs you must know who Hillary Lang is. In fact, if you don't...where do you live? Well Hillary is the mastermind behind the adorable site Wee Wonderfuls where you can purchase plush patterns of various characters, you can drool over the various projects she seems to always be working on or you can just go there for a little pick me up when your day is grey. Hillary has mastered the art of cute and took it to another level. I have been a fan of hers since I discovered her on the web and continue to love seeing what she is up to. I picked her brain a little in the hopes that more cute power would run off on me...along the way I might have embarrassed her by my super fan questions...I swear I am not creepy :) Enjoy!

S- I basically think you are a genius. You have mastered the art of making everything so cute. The product, the packaging, etc. Do you have a background in design?

HL- Ha! An evil genius I hope. Thanks :) I don't have a background in design, but I've always been a fan of cute.

S- I read on your "About" page that you just started making these cute little toys about three years ago after getting some books out of the library. I love hearing all the trial and error stories as it always makes me feel "normal". What are some of the horrors of your trial and error experiences?

HL- Well I look back on the earliest dolls I made and am pretty horrified. There's an unpacked box of misfit toys somewhere around here. The 3D concept was one I couldn't figure out for quite a while. A toy would look so cute and then I would stuff it and yikes, lots of skinny minnies in that misfit box.

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Creme Brule said...

She taught herself? She has no design background? I think I'll go slit my wrists now. :-D She is amazing! Thanks for the interview and thanks for your awesome blog. I really enjoy it.