Wednesday, October 03, 2007


O.K. here we go. More links to you.
21) I know there is most likely no one out there that has not heard of the amazingly talented Heidi Kenney but if you haven't, you will never forget her once you see all the amazing things she creates. I don't think there is anything this woman has not made. It's inspiring and insane. Heidi is crap your pants amazing.

22) Miss Sock Monkey is a friend of Schmancy and it is so nice to know her because she is super sweet, makes really awesome stuff and has cool clothes...I know that's not really important but she does.

23) Audrey Dutt is 9! SHe has been mentioned in Adorn Magazine, has donated to The Sampler and is most likely one of the coolest kids around. Yahoo for Audrey.

24) MAZ has people talking. I have a my fair share of toy collectors that shop at Schmancy (go figure) and a few were in last week for the Dunny release party and were talking about MAZ. People are excited and there is definately a good reason. You can see this awesome interview with MAZ on TOYSREVIL.

25) Debbie Severtson is participating again this year. She made super cute owls last year. You can buy stuff on her etsy shop here

26) Miss Agonie is here again to blow Seattle away with cuteness. Let the games begin.

27) Corinne Dean is one of those multi talented people. Love 'em or leave 'em. I just want to know when they sleep.

28) Speaking of links, did you know you can preorder your copy of the new book coming out very soon titled Plush You!? well you can, here/. Just in case you wanted to know.

29) SOWA is too cool for words. You can see all the SOWA magic this year at Plush You! YOu will also get the chance to sit down and hear all about SOWA and his passion for plush making this November at Elliot Bay Books. More on that as the date get's closer

30) Since we mentioned SOWA, let's mention Hansigurumi. Hansi makes adorable knitted creatures you can purchase patterns for here. Breathtaking. Below is the latest pattern for purchase.


Penguin & Fish said...

Thanks for all the links. I got to see a lot of great new things! I just discovered Hansigurumi the other day and I love love love those owls. Super Awesome.

MGBEERS said...

Thank you for these links! I haven't checked them all out yet but I'm especially impressed with Miss Agonie's plushies.. I had to post something about her on my blog(! :D I'm gonna check out the rest now. Thanks again!

miss said...

dear schmancy,
if you want more of my plushies, i can send them to you! and they changed a lot since last year, they look way better now!

miss agonie xox

miss said...

oh, pssst...