Friday, September 21, 2007

More Links

11) Sock Dogs make super cute sock dogs (duh). I am still mystified by people's creativity when it comes to socks and plush but ya'll keep nailing it on the head. Sock Dogs are definately included!

12) Now knitting is something I have done. I have not done much with it but I always love the look of knitted items. I just haven't spent enough times with patterns to really feel comfortable attempting something cool. I have made some scarfs and hats and yep..that's where the buck stops. Green Star Studio has a gift and we should all praise her for her way with the needles. Her website is pretty and her toys are fantastic.

13) You guys are just so talented! Carina Envoldsen fits the bill. Super crafty. Go on and check out her flickr sets. Go on, I dare you.

14) You know Halloween is coming up soon and I think one of the most adorable Halloween decorations would be this little trio. You will have your whole street jealous. YOu can pick up this trio and other cuties from our friendLauren DeSalvo

15) I am so excited for next Sunday. That's when my pal Made by Moxie is going to share her expertise with me and whoever else makes it out on the art of needle felting. Speaking of awesome needle felters, I haven't mentioned Wendy Gross recently. Her work is incredible.

16) I know I have mentioned how much we all love Cutesypoo and I am here to mention it again. The name is more than appropriate. She is cute, her work is cute, the name is cute. It's just a cutefest over at cutesypoo.

17) Couldn't find plushies on her site but Megan makes other beautiful textiles you can see here

18) I don't know if you remember but a long time ago I mentioned how much I love Joe Bar. I mean I LOVE JOE BAR! It's such good coffee and everyone in there is so freakin' nice. The other Joe Bar barista extraordinaire is Aramee of Die at the helm. She is so nice and makes really beautiful things. I really think she is one of the greatest coffee people I have ever had the pleasure to know.

19) Erin Shafkind has been a three timer during the Plush You show and her friend Little Roy will be gracing us with his presence once again. Yahoo

20) Last for the day are the cute and crazy little dudes made by Jekbot. I really love her blog. It's cute, fun to read and I like the Week in Review parts.


lucy said...

Hi, I live far from Seattle but I'm friends with Stuart from Sewdorky, anyway how do I enter to be in Plush You! next year.
my flickr site is

La Arana Peruana said...

Your stuff is way cute. I couldn't help noticing that you took part in the Renegade Craft Fair. Is there anything similar that happens in the Seattle area?

Geek Booteek said...

We love Plush You!! And have a new blog now!!

Schmancy said...

Please visit her often to find out how to apply for next year's show.

there are two shows in Seattle that are super. I Heart Rummage is monthly and then Urban Craft Uprising is once a year.