Thursday, September 20, 2007


Sorry I have been a bad blogger. With the show coming up I have stacks of boxes the size of a 2 story building and I am just a busy bee. But I don't want to leave you out of all the fun stuff around here. Someone asked if I was going to start a links side bar. Well I had one and then Robert was so kind to reformat the layout and now I don't know where it is. So I am going to start listing people; along with their links, on a daily basis.

SO here I go.

1) I know I have mentioned how much I love Jess Hutch and it still stands. I finally had the pleasure of meeting her and it makes me love her even more. Her work is beautiful, she takes time with her photos, she is super talented and super nice. What more could you ask for? I hope she makes it out to Seattle one of these days so we can play again. I promised her a party and a party she will get. We love Jess! The picture above is her submissions for this year's show. Awesome

2) Last week Kaela Graham dropped off her work for this year's show. Her stuff reminds me of her. Lovely and sweet and it just leaves you wanting more. I really like her stuff a lot.

3) Speaking of Kaela, her boyfriend, Adam Grano is equally awesome. His art name is BoofyBoof and her's is Boofski. Now is that adorable or what? You will be able to see Adam's art this Dec. at an art show at Schmancy.

4) David Huyck takes toy makin' to another level. His work reminds me sometimes of Maurice Sendak. He has the most impressive and diverse collection of work. Look at the 'Pictures' section of his website. OH MY GOD! It's amazing.

5) Diane Perry makes some super cute bats. I just got them in the other day and I actually could not stop hugging them. They are definately the closest I will ever come to to hugging a bat. They are just so cute and loveable. You too will not be able to stop lovin' them.

6) Spok-Spok hails from Sweden bringing clever little plushies and an adorable website. Go check it out. I think you might fall in love

7) Smartypants (interview below) just brought her plush in the other day and I just think photos don't do them justice. They are some of the best sock monkey things I have ever seen! Lot's of personality in these little dudes.

8)Hello Brute is an awesome artist...who will hopefully be having an art show next year at Schmancy. In the meantime you can check out a few of his plush creations at this year's show.

9) Kate and Aaron of Nancy fame, are out of town this week so I got to open some of the boxes they have gotten in. A big hit with a few of us opening these boxes was the work of Missy Kulik. Her work made us squeel if that tells you anything.

10) Spooky Daddy sent his work in last week and it's really cool. His work was admired by several people when I was telling them about the show the other day and telling them they can't miss it. I busted out some of his pieces and they were like "yep, you are right. we can't miss this".

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