Friday, September 14, 2007

The Excitement is Overwhelming.

In the mail yesterday was my advance copy of the Plush You! book. I am so excited about the book, the show, the people involved, etc. I am bursting. Thank You goes out to each and everyone of you that has been a supporter, contributor, follower, helper or anything else to do with the Plush You! show and/or book.

I am really excited to meet some new participants at the show! I will be asking about getting you out of towners a discount at the Moore Hotel today so check back for more info on that.



Gary Ham said...

Very cool and congratulations! I haven't tried yet, but after viewing your wonderful blog I want to try making one now! Does the book give lots of advice for someone who knows nothing about the steps to create one?

maritza said...

Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see the book!

geek booteek said...

I want this book, it looks awesome!!

Yassine said...

Hello !!

Do you know this one ?
Cute & Glamourous dolls from paris

I think you will love it.

Yassine ( A doll lover)

Katy said...

I have my book on pre order, I'm so jealous you got it alerady!!!! :)

Chris Grine said...

will you be posting a list of this years contributers prior to the opening of this years show?

Schmancy said...

To Gary- This book is definately geared for all different levels of sewing and other plush makin' ways. Few of the tutorials are handsewing projects which might be a good start. And if nothing else, it will help inspire the plush in you.

Thanks for all the congrats! it's very nice to hear

Chris- I am going to try and mention each person showing in the next few weeks along with a link to there own sites. If you want to add anything feel free in the comments section.