Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Alright so this weekend I basically just got completely sucked into this book titled Modoc. It is an incredible story and it made me weepy numerous times. As a tribute to this remarkable elephant and it's rightful owner and friend, Bram, I decided to do some posts on cute and cuddly elephants.

When I was writing the "what you need" section for the plush book, I asked all the plush you participants what they find a must for their crafting needs. It was pretty funny to find that so many people said a CUTE pincushion was a must. Well I think I found the cutest pincushion around. From Sugar Elf's Shop comes the cutest elephant pincushion to live. Since I am focusing on elephants here you will just have to go to her shop yourself to find all the other adorable items available! Very nice work indeed.

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