Monday, August 20, 2007

Culinary Crafters

Hey there, Robert here. Quick update on some of the amazing, recent contributions to my Play Food Flickr group! If you or someone you know spends time making hand-embroidered hotdogs, crocheted canned goods, origami oranges, polymer pizza, knit noodles, paper-mache pastries, sewn sandwiches or felt pheasant under glass - send them our way!

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Flickr Image Links: 1. carrots and peas, 2. Cupcakes, 3. Sardines, 4. Melon & Prosciutto Crocheted Appetizers, 5. plates of tarts, 6. Pecan Pies(whole and slice) and Pecan Tartlet (crocheted), 7. Cure for the Common Cola, 8. Shrimp on the Barbie & Shrimp Cocktail, 9. Cheeseburger Softie, 10. cherries, 11. softie-wip, 12. Apple, 13. Let Them Eat Cake., 14. cinnamons, 15. Felt Project Pic #2, 16. Banana Split Ice Cream, 17. Felt Donut, 18. strawberry & normal cream filling

1 comment:

Jocelan Thiessen said...

Hey thank you so much for including my tarts amoung such tantilizing yummyness!!