Sunday, July 08, 2007

Vintage Craft Books

I love going to thrift stores, book stores and rummage sales to rummage through old books looking for anything on the crafty side. At times the patterns are just silly and ugly but I have been more suprised than not, so I continue to enjoy this hobby when I can.

I found The Yarn Animal Book by Caroline Staples at a local used book seller here in Seattle several months ago. I attempted to make the unicorn but thought the pattern was a little off and I got confused. I think if I tried harder I could figure it out but I am easily frustrated. At any rate, this book is full of inspiring items that you can surely update for this generation. She covers a variety of yarn crafts including knitting, crochet, creweling, and sewing that make a lot of cute critters that will surely put a smile on any recipient.

Published in 1976 by Simon and Schuster.

Don't let the outdated covers fool you.


Tanaya said...

where do you go thriftin in Seattle? I'm new to the area and miss all of my old spots. I'm dying to get out & about! :)

Schmancy said...

i love life long in c. hill. there is also backstage thrift across from value village also in c. hill. i got this book at a bookstore in pike's place market which is close to this rummage sale in the market as well. hope that helps.

OH and I wish I was closer to the Goodwill in Ballard because it is awesome