Thursday, July 12, 2007

Anna Chambers Interview

All I have to say is Anna Chambers is my hero. Her animation makes me want to cry cute tears, her turd plush makes me laugh and smile everytime I think of it and she's just awesome. I am so happy she was able to take a few minutes to answer some quick questions for plush fans.

S-Your work is so impressive along with your resume. Can you first give us a bit of information on your background?

AC- I was born in Santa Barbara, and since I loved animation so much I decided that is what I wanted to do with my life, and moved to Los Angeles to attend Cal Arts. (California institute of the arts) I graduated with a BFA in character animation, and then went on to work in television animation. Right now I am a background painter working on a new show due out this fall, called Chowder on Cartoon Network.

S-Your illustrations as so adorable. When did you start taking some of your illustrations and ideas and turning them into plush form?

AC-I always had to be making something. I remember as a child making some plush hamburgers, and fries… I wish I had those now, I would like to think they were really great, at least that is the image in my mind, but I bet if I saw them now it would be a sad disappointment. I would make a plush here or there, all hand sewn because I didn’t have a sewing machine. After turning my hobby of drawing into a full time career working in animation, I needed another hobby, so I started making plush again. Taking my rough doodles into a 3D form was fun, and it is always satisfying to see the end result. Choosing the fabrics, patterns and colors is always fun too.

S-I had a really hard time leaving your burgerlog site. How often do you work on the poo plush and how did that start?

AC-The burgerlog turd plush were started because I wanted to take something horribly gross, and really make that cute. Due to the ‘poopularity’ I keep making them and I enjoy it. I make the turd plush when ever I can. I find great joy in making the turd dolls, I guess because I’m an immature kid at heart.

S- I always view plush as another way to get your art and name out there. How has it helped you in the art/toy movement?

AC-I think most people who know me strictly for my plush don’t know I work in animation. That is the main reason I can’t make more plush!! It has helped to bring my name to a different audience that would not know me otherwise. Different galleries attract different clients.

S-You really seem like the busiest person alive. With your commercial work, art shows, several websites/blogs and your plush, how do you find time to do it all?

AC- Well when you say it like that- it sounds like a lot! But it’s not that much. Everything I do, it’s because I like to. It seems I always have to be doing something. If I am going to sit in front of the TV I have to sew some teeth or a nose….just something. I do get a lot of sleep. So maybe because I take such a long rest, I am more productive when I am awake. I also don’t take on too much work. Only one thing at a time.

S-Do you have any advice for less experienced artists that are inspired by and aspire to be like you?

AC-I don’t think anyone wants to be like me, and I would not encourage that type of behavior! Ha ha. My advice would be to just do what you like, if it makes you happy, then you’re living a pretty good life! Get inspired.

S-Do you have any plans to take a break and enjoy a summer vacation?

AC-Yes I will take a break form work; I have a hiatus coming up in August. And maybe a vacation in the fall… maybe. I’ll definitely be making plush for upcoming shows during my time off.

S-Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

AC-Hummmm… that is a hard one. I would like to have more mass produced plush out in the world. I’d like to design plush characters for stop-motion animation, or maybe art direct something like a commercial with my plush in it. I would really like to take my plush- and get them animated! If I can become a millionaire strictly from turd sales, then I will write my book called “How I Turned Shit into Money.” I think that will take longer than 5 years.

S-I know you are showing soon at a gallery here in Seattle, Bluebottle, in the near future. Would you like to share more about that show?

AC-The show at Bluebottle gallery is a 3 person show, with 2 other talented ladies, Amanda Visell, and Michelle Valigura. It’s called “3’s A Crowd!” Bluebottle is also a shop as well, so I encourage anyone in the area to stop by and see the show. It runs July 3rd-29th.

S-Any other exciting news you would like to share?

AC-My first mass produced plush Lucy Owl is now available in stores in the US, Canada, and the UK. My second design in series1, will be due out later this year. I am also getting ready for a few other big plush shows later this year!!

May 'How I Turned Shit into Money' be available at your local bookstore soon :)


Mukpuddy said...

Woo Hoo, Anna's stuff rules!!!

Jocelan Thiessen said...

man i totally know what she is saying about working in animation as i also work in storyboards and now that i draw for a living i had to supplement my hobby with plushies too.

burgerlog said...

thanks so much for the interview kristen- it was so fun! looking forward to the show ahead.