Thursday, July 26, 2007


I am not being a very good blogger and I first wanted to apologize. I had a little accident over the weekend and have a busted up face and have felt a little out of sorts and well...not in the mood for much. I am going to blog your head off today to make up for lost time.

Jeffrey Stephens is the mastermind behind Spazimals. Here is what Jeffrey has to say about his work. "Spazimals are one of a kind squiahy-soft armless monsters handstitched by me! Some are made from your run of the mill polyfleece others are made from
a single stripe-ed sock." I just finished writing new questions for our next interview and thought how hard it must be to try and make unique sock creatures with so many out in the world already. However I continue to be amazed at all the individuality people give to their plushies even when using the same sort of medium. Spazimals definately fall into that category of being unique and fun and I guess kinda spazzy.

To see more visit his flickr account here

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